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08 Mar 2017

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Semeti beach, a beach located in the tourist area of ​​Selong Belanak, in a row of other beautiful coast beaches such as the beach Mawun, Ruwuk beach and beach Mawi. A set of white sandy shoreline and beautiful. A series of coastline with the same scenery, distinctively hilly with a somewhat bumpy sea. If the overland route: Penujak - Selong Belanak - Kuta, then among Turkish and Turkish Selong Belanak Mawun you will encounter three gorgeous hidden coastline that Semeti Beach, Coastal Ruwuk and Mawi adjacent beach and only separated by hills.

Rocks rock solid as the Grand Canyon. Behind the robustness of the cliff that is stored and natural beauty panorama of extraordinary beauty, a collection of fascinating natural aquarium which is above the rocks on the beach Semeti. Natural aquarium filled with dazzling coral reefs with fish pretty small fish hanging around. So there are large waves approached, the natural aquarium will be filled with sea water, sea water and foam froth will come out through the gap crack rocks. The beauty of the aquarium will be filled with fish little fish mingle among the scattered foam sea foam. Once the froth froth disappeared, beautiful ornamental fish will look fulfill